Posted by: Blue Lou Logan | December 7, 2011

Booze and Boat Bits #4 (5 short items of interest)


1:  Cookies, Crafts & Carols!  Join Blue Lou, Keelhaul, and Button this Saturday, December 10, between noon and 4:00 at Lake Union Park for some seasonal fun.  There’ll be boats, sweet stuff, crafty stuff, cheer, song…and pirates!  I’ll be wandering about and doing stories when the moment seems right.  I have even adapted The Night Before Christmas into a pirate tale!  Be there, lest ye want a grenadoe in yer stockin’.


2:  Winter is THE best time of the year for beer:  The seasonals are all strong, flavorful, and spicy.  Maritime Pacific‘s Jolly Roger is the one most likely to end up in my fridge, and not just for the label; it’s a fine, robust ale that just doesn’t get old, a great session beer (even if it’s a session of one).  I have to say, by the way, that in fact very little of my beer is ever in the fridge these days.  With temperatures here in Seattle barely reaching 40 degrees daily, I just keep the case on the back deck!  Anyhow, seek this one out if you can–a six pack, on tap at your local (it’s even better on cask), or best of all at Maritime Pacific’s beautiful Jolly Roger Tap Room.  If not, support your regional brewery…they’re sure to have something fabulous right now.


3:  The Kalakala hasn’t been in the news for quite some time, but today this popped up suddenly on various sources:  “Kalakala on sale for $1.”  After the initial ‘WHA’?’ moment, I looked into it.  This is what it says on  “A new owner can purchase our Kalakala today for $1.00 or best offer, without our proposed partnership! We are seeking a qualified and motivated investor or buyer as alternatives to assure the full restoration of an incredible maritime historic ship with global social and cultural significances.  Salvage companies not welcome!” The Seattle Times has this article, adding that not only has Concrete Tech ended Rodrigues’ lease for the ferry’s moorage at the end of the year but also the Coast Guard is insisting on a plan by December 19 on “a tow plan and a heavy weather plan.”  Rodrigues states that everything will be done properly, he has several possible tow sites, and the Coast Guard decision is being appealed.

Rodrigues is also quoted in the Seattle Times:  “I’m selling it for $1 to the right person. Then it’s closed, it’s their story. The most-treasured world-class vessel will become one person’s yacht.”  In short, Rodrigues is at least willing to pass the torch.  I’m not sure whether this move is desperate or wise.  I’m not even sure if he knows what this means.  What does seem clear is that Rodrigues has acknowledged–at last?–that he may not in the end by the Kalakala‘s savior.   It is also clear that the Kalakala is about to enter another chapter in its history.  It ain’t over, just changing…again.  I’ll be reading, and I’ll keep everybody up to date (as usual).


4.  In the category of solid good news, the CWB has signed a lease with King County for a North Lake Union site, located west of the famous Gas Works Park, next to the Harbor Patrol.  The first project will be cleanup; this was a fuel facility and has belonged to Metro Transit for decades.  This will then become a site for boat restoration, maintenance, and storage.  The “Northlake Community Wharf” is envisioned to become a destination of its own. This is really cool.  The Center always needs more space.  This will introduce the CWB vision to a new neighborhood.  And, personally, I imagine a time when one can sail up the lake with a destination, not just up and back.

5:  Yesterday, I was at Target getting Christmas wrap and paper towels.  I looked down the wine aisle, and I had a vision that made me grin.  I saw in my mind a whole aisle full of liquor.  I imagined rum, vodka, and bourbon at real prices, maybe even at discount.  June 2012 will be FREEDOM.  You have no idea how much the passing of Prop 1183 pleases me and makes me think that maybe the state I live in is not completely Cro-Magnon.  I know why the caged booze sings.


Meanwhile, the cocktail Ingredient of the Month is not the stereotypically Christmas cranberry, tho’ I have nothing against bourbon and cranberry juice, the December drink of the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives (thanks, Laurel!).  No, the ingredient du moment is Texsun Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, which shouldn’t be too hard to find.  I am NOT a fan of grapefruit generally.  The grapefruits I grew up with as a kid (i.e., what was available in suburban supermarkets) were just too damned acidic for my taste, but this Ruby Red juice (thank you, Zanne) has the distinctive flavor without the pucker.  This goes with just about every mixable liquor you can name…OK, maybe not Ouzo, but no one should drink Ouzo EVER.  It is also friendly with other citruses and mixers.  Go strong, go weak…experiment.

6:  BONUS NEWS:  “The Journal of Blue Lou Logan” recently zipped past 3,000 hits, and the number of hits per month continues to grow.  Ahoy readers!  Y’all come back now, y’hear?


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